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Check out this toe-tapping tune and find out how you can be part of a new Guinness World Records, record attempt Amazing Feet Song Karaoke Song: The Animalympics Karaoke Song:
The Animalympics
Are you pitch purrrrrfect? Find out with this Officially Amazing karaoke video, Cool Cats Karaoke Song:
Cool Cats
This killer track is to die for, check out the Officially Amazing karaoke video, Love Me From A Distance Karaoke Song:
Love Me From A Distance
This is a tune about funky face fuzz. Check out the Officially Amazing karaoke video, Beards Karaoke Song:
This song is full of bling, you might say it was 24 carat gold. Check out the Officially Amazing karaoke video, Most Expensive Karaoke Song:
Most Expensive
Get up and boogie with these golden oldies and sing along to this Officially Amazing karaoke video, OAPS Karaoke Song:
This tune is breaking mad! Check out the Officially Amazing karaoke video, Canine Calypso Karaoke Song:
Canine Calyso
This week's highest climber is the Officially Amazing karaoke video song, Tallest Man Karaoke Song:
Tallest Man

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Take a sneaky peek at what goes in to creating the music for the Officially Amazing programme titles, with composer Rob Castell. Creating the Officially Amazing Title Music Our Officially Amazing presenters often found themselves doing things for the show they wouldn't usually volunteer for. Check out Ben and Al's video diary of their sky jump off the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Ben and Al's Skyjump Video Diary Before being chosen to be Officially Amazing presenters, Ben, Al and Haruka all had to be audition. Part of the audition involves 'screen test'. We get to see Ben’s in this video - we made him eat a chilli, poor chap!! Ben Eating a Chilli Ben and Al's Transatlantic Cracker Off Ben and Al's Transatlantic Cracker Off Like most World Records, our Officially Amazing presenters need more than one attempt to get things right. Check out these outtake clips. Officially Amazing Outtakes Our Officially Amazing presenter Ben was never shy of having a go at some of the Guinness World Records record attempt himself… needless to say he should probably leave it to the experts. What Happens when
Ben Has a Go
Inspired by the World Record for the highest card throw, our Officially Amazing presenter, Ben took to the streets of Tunbridge Wells to show off his own card trick skills (or lack of). Ben's Bad Magic Watch Officially Amazing presenter, Ben's video diary taken whilst filming for the series. Ben's Diary