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Wealthiest Cat

Wealthiest Cat
United Kingdom
01 Jan 1988

When Ben Rea (UK) died in May 1988, he bequeathed his £7-million ($12.5-million) fortune to Blackie, the last surviving of the 15 cats he shared his mansion with. The millionaire antiques dealer and recluse refused to recognize his family in his will and split the majority of his wealth between three cat charities, with the instruction to look after his beloved pet.

Rea also bequeathed small amounts of cash to his gardener, his mechanic and his plumber, and left a home to his friend Ken Randolph. His sister Dorothy, who died only a few day before him, also left £2.8 million (£5 million) to animal charities.

Please note: all records were current at the time of publication, but may have been broken since.


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