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Most Swords Swallowed Simultaneously by a Female

Natasha Veruschka
Most Swords Swallowed Simultaneously by a Female
New York, United States
03 Sep 2004

Natasha Veruschka (USA) swallowed 13 swords, each at least 38.1 cm (15 in) long at 3rd Annual Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, on 3 September 2004. 

Below is a video of the male record holder, Kishan Valaiah Ayula (India), who swallowed 22 swords simultaneously on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 13 February 2011. Kishan also holds the record for "most swallowed swords whilst juggling three objects".

Please note: all records were current at the time of publication, but may have been broken since.


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