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Most Albino Siblings

Gaulin Siblings / Sesler Brothers
Most Albino Siblings
Canada, United States
31 Mar 1924
All four children of Mario and Angie Gaulin - Sarah (b. 15 September 1981), Christopher (b. 24 February 1983), Joshua (b. 25 October 1987) and Brendan (b. 13 July 1989) (all Canada)  - were born with the rare genetic condition oculocutaneous albinism.

Three of the brothers are pictured above. Their father also has the condition and their mother carries the gene.

The Gaulin's share their record with the Sesler brothers from the USA.

Of the eight children born to George and Minnie Sesler (USA), the four eldest of their five sons were all born with the rare genetic condition albinism.

Identical twins John (b. 16 August 1921 - d. 18 October 1976) and George (b. 16 August 1921 - d. 28 February 1988), Kermit (b. 17 February 1923 - d. 6 January 2005) and Kenneth (b. 31 March 1924 - d. 12 February 1999) - were all born with translucent skin, pinkish-blue eyes and white hair.

Please note: all records were current at the time of publication, but may have been broken since. 


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