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Longest Line of Sandwiches

Kraft Foods, Middle East and Africa FZE (UAE)
Longest Line of Sandwiches
United Arab Emirates
07 Sep 2010

The longest line of sandwiches is 2,667.13 m (8,750 ft 4.91 in) and was achieved by Kraft Foods Middle East and Africa FZE (United Arab Emirates) in Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai (UAE), on 7 September 2010.

The record was organised in conjunction with Kraft Food's annual global week of service called 'Delicious Difference Week', in which over 20,000 employees volunteer for charity to make a difference to their respective communities.

The line of sandwiches comprised of 11,000 individual sandwiches. Each individual sandwich measured an average of 25 cm (9.84 in) and contained cheese spread, cucumber, tomatoes and olives. Over half a tonne of Kraft cream cheese spread was used and almost 900 kg of cucumber, tomatoes and olives.

Following the record the sandwiches were packed and distributed to labour camps in Dubai.

Please note: all records were current at the time of publication, but may have been broken since.


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