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About the Show

Ben chatting with Sir Nils Olav at penguins park Ben dressed as a grannie on a mobility scooter Ben squashed into the back of a Mini Ben with the Space Cowboy and Craig the Guinness World Records adjudicator Haruka meeting Asimo the robot in Japan
Officially Amazing is the new CBBC show that brings to you weird and wonderful Guinness World Records attempts from around the world.

Our Officially Amazing hosts are Ben Shires – representing the best of British, Al Jackson with America’s finest and reporting on all that Japan has to offer the ever enthusiastic Haruka Karoda.

In their pursuit of the best stories, our fearless presenters often find themselves taking part in some ridiculous and sometimes hair-raising challenges.

We meet some amazing people who hold some really astonishing official world records. But it's not just humans who want to get in on the action – we'll also be meeting animals champing at the bit to become world record holders.

For all this and more don’t forget to watch Officially Amazing, week days on CBBC.

And for you chance to be part of an Officially Amazing world record yourself, don’t forget to check out our Amazing Feet challenge!

...Now that’s Officially Amazing!
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