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About the Show

Officially comes from a long line of people who take precision seriously. She likes to measure everything precisely so she can be sure it's correct. She loves nothing more than to arrange all her books in alphabetical order on her book shelves, go for a run, (exactly 40 minutes every other day) , and she polishes her collection of extremely accurate stopwatches every two weeks.

She starts every day with breakfast at 07:32. To make sure her day kicks off happily she measures out exactly 60 bran flakes with no more or less than 100ml of milk at precisely 6 degrees centigrade. She then brushes her hair 26 times, curls it up into a tight bun and puts on the smart uniform she has ironed perfectly and hung on two hangers in her neat wardrobe the night before. On her way to work she makes sure never to steps on the cracks in pavements and always says a polite, but friendly, "good morning" to all her colleagues. Her idea of a nightmare person is someone who is untidy, disorganised and late.

Her idea of a great day is one where she gets to measure, time, count and record the details of another exciting world record attempt, making sure that all the rules have been correctly observed. She will only stamp her official seal of approval on a record once she is sure everything's correct.

The one annoyance in her perfectly ordered world is her partner Amazing: he's never on time, is always mucking around, and inevitably ends up causing chaos. If you really push her she might confess to sometimes playing tricks on him to get her own back. She might even agree that some of the “accidents” that see Amazing flung about, squashed, and bounced around may have a little to do with her...

Despite her irritations with Amazing’s shortcomings she secretly likes his sense of fun and realises that it’s only when they work together that a record attempt becomes Officially Amazing – though she wouldn’t like anyone to tell him that.
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