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About the Show

Officially Amazing presenter, Ben Shires in his red cardigan Officially Amazing presenter, Ben Shires in a cowboy hat, with a rose in his mouth Ben meeting one of the dogs from the dog surfing championships
Yorkshire born, Ben Shires is our chief Officially Amazing presenter and resident funny man… And that's not just a reference to his snappy dress sense!

Our Ben doesn't just leave all the fun up to the record holders, he's not shy of having a crack himself as you will see in the show...

We don't want to give anything anyway, but let's just say he's been dropped, whipped and driven at high speed amongst many other ridiculous things.

We managed to catch Ben in a rare record-free moment and asked him some very important questions, here's what he said:

  1. What do you like best about being an Officially Amazing presenter? I often get a thrill meeting the people attempting to break world records. It takes a special blend of commitment and passion to become a record breaker, and I've encountered folk who themselves are every inch as officially amazing as the records they're known for.
  2. What is the craziest record attempt you have ever seen? If I had to pick just one record that was equally cool, weird AND crazy, it would have to be the most people crammed in a Mini Cooper attempt completed on Guinness World Records Day. Twenty-eight young women somehow all managed to squeeze inside one little car.

    Fun but also potentially dangerous - they had to have a couple of people on standby to smash open the windows if their air started running out once the car doors were shut.

    Being such a beefcake, I happily offered my services for this but was apparently surplus to requirements. The cheek!
  3. What would you be able to set a record doing? Throughout the course of filming Officially Amazing, I've attempted many of the skills I've seen others break records in. If there's been one unifying feature of my attempts, it's been my dismal failure in all of them.

    Perhaps I can set a new record for ‘most world records unsuccessfully attempted'. After all, if I can't be the best at being the best, at least I can be the best at being the worst.
  4. If you could invent a new record what would it be? I think the skill to inventing a record is coming up with one that no-one else could possibly ever have thought of doing before, and then getting very good at it. If I invented the fastest time to run 117m for instance, I reckon Usain Bolt would still have me licked. However, if I challenged him to the quickest time to style a quiff whilst bouncing on a trampoline and saying the alphabet backwards, I might stand a better chance!
  5. Is there a record attempt you wish you had witnessed? I've witnessed many incredible feats whilst filming Officially Amazing, but I would have loved to have gone toe to toe with Robert Wadlow, the man with the world's largest ever FEET! They were a whopping 47cm long, which is a shoe UK size 36.
  6. Why do you think people should attempt to break records? Perhaps the real incentive to attempting records should be to push the limits of what humans are capable of. Consider this: in 1912, the world record for the men's 100m was 10.5 seconds. A hundred years later in 2012, Usain Bolt had shaved almost a whole second off that time. That reduction might not sounds like a lot, but if we continue at this rate of progress, by my calculations it means that in 900 years time humans should be able to run the 100m in 0.5 seconds!
  7. What's the funniest thing that has happened to you since you have been an Officially Amazing presenter? Being an Officially Amazing presenter means having to throw yourself into all sorts of activities you never thought you'd end up doing, sometimes quite literally. For instance, I have a morbid fear of heights, but that didn't stop the producers making me jump off the world's highest controlled descent, The Skyjump in Las Vegas, which stands 855ft off the ground. Let's just say I was glad I'd packed spare underwear for that trip.
  8. What makes the British so good at breaking records? Put it this way, we're called Great Britain for a reason. We might not be the biggest nation, the flashiest or even, contrary to certain stereotypes, the most reserved, but we've got an irrepressibly Officially Amazing streak that's uniquely British. Where else on earth could you find the smallest roadworthy car? We also hold the record for the world's largest whoopee cushion. I think we Brits are on to something of a winner.
  9. Do you have a favourite animal record attempt? I'm going to go for everyone's favourite Loch-dwelling beastie, Nessie, and more specifically the record held by Steve Feltham, who has been searching for her for 21 years. He lives in a converted mobile library on the banks of the Loch, which has the advantage of providing him with the best possible views for monster hunting, but it does mean if he ever actually spots her he'll not be able to celebrate too loudly. Typical.
  10. What is Officially Amazing about you? Ah, where to start? No, seriously, I'm struggling to think of anything. There are lots of things that are peculiar about me: I have slightly webbed toes, unsymmetrical ears and my jaw clicks incredibly loudly when I eat. I'm not sure any of these could be classed as Officially Amazing though, more just odd. But whilst I may be a physical oddity, I reckon I could give Al and Haruka a run for their money when it comes to being the most Officially Amazing Officially Amazing presenter there is. Therefore I think a series of challenges is called for to determine which of us can grab the most records and be crowned the champ! Let the fun begin.
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