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About the Show

Amazing bounced into the world on a date that he's forgotten and hasn't really stopped bouncing around ever since. Every morning he picks his clothes up off the floor where he dropped them the night before and never combs his hair - mainly because he’s lost the comb somewhere in his untidy bedroom, and anyway the hat hides everything.

He doesn’t always remember to get up at the right time in the morning, because he’s also forgotten where he put his alarm clock, so he can often be seen running down the street to the bus with a piece of half eaten toast still in his hand. On his way, he takes delight in jumping into as many puddles as he can, which unfortunately means that sometimes his toast ends up very soggy. His idea of a nightmare person is someone who likes everything to be very neat, precisely organised and always on time.

He works with Officially who, frankly, he thinks should lighten up a bit. She always seems to be tutting at him or sighing in a vaguely despairing way and he can't really understand why. He does realise that the time he dropped a Union flag on Officially was unfortunate, and he did leave his toast on her chair one day – but he thinks she’s over that. After all, jam does come off clothes easily these days doesn’t it? (Not that he’d know - he's never quite got round to washing any clothes).

He loves the dangerous and weird record attempts where he can bounce around having fun and encouraging the record breakers with his own enthusiasm.

He can't quite understand why things always seem to go wrong for him and he’s the one who ends up having accidents that result in him being trodden on, popped out of cannons or have heavy objects fall on him. However, he has started to notice that Officially seems to have a smile on her face when they do. Strange. But every time something like that happens to him he just picks himself up and bounces back into the fun of a new record attempt. Despite these minor irritations he still thinks everything to do with world records is Amazing!

And secretly he realises that it’s only when he and Officially work together that a record becomes Officially Amazing – though he wouldn’t like anyone to tell her that.
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